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As one of the earliest and long-lasting sports, Wushu has developed its own characteristics over time. Wushu has been developed into a great variety of schools and styles due to its long history. The assortment of schools and styles displays the colourful features and gratifies the various needs of people. Wushu includes the use of many weapons. The combination of fist fights and weapon usage allows for a fuller and more efficient application of skills. The movement of the human body is only the external display of Wushu. Wushu is by no means limited to the external movement, but also emphasizes the full display of the internal temperament, mental attitude and potential of the human being. Practice of it not only strengthens the bones and muscles but also the internal organs. In a nutshell Wushu's functions are moral cultivation, offence and defence, curative effect, health improvement, artistic effect and intelligence.

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Established in 2005, Wufang Singapore empowers children and adults to develop discipline, focus and resilience through Wushu and fitness training. Wufang Singapore was founded by Vincent Ng, a World Wushu Champion, 3-time SEA Games Gold Medallist and a Wushu icon of Singapore. To date, Wufang Singapore has inspired more than 10,000 students both young and old to practice Wushu.

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Wufang Singapore inspires participants to gain mastery in Wushu and learn how to overcome personal challenges along the way. Come and work with us to co-create your inspiring story today!


Jovan Chew

It has been 2 years since I joined Wufang. There are many times when I felt like giving up if not for the coaches, seniors and friends who always go the extra mile in encouraging me to overcome my fears. To me, Wufang is a big family where my coaches teach me Wushu and more importantly taught me the values of being an athlete. learned the importance of perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles.


Chua Xin Yun

I would like to thank my coaches at Wufang Singapore who always share their experiences and pay attention to my wushu routine and patiently corrects them. Under their guidance, I’ve improved tremendously for my Dao Shu & Gun Shu routine. The coaches at Wufang Singapore is a role model for me to follow and I inspire to train hard to perform better and achieve as much as I can.


Zoe Tan Zi Yi

Zoe joined Wufang in 2015 when she was already a member of the national youth team. As the youngest team member in the national youth team, Zoe was facing overwhelming odds competing against her senior peers to secure a place for overseas competition. Coach Vincent patiently polished and sharpened up her Wushu skills and not only was Zoe selected for the international games, she managed to clinched a world junior gold in 2016! We never dreamt that one day Zoe could stand on the international podium and raised the Singapore Flag. Wufang is truly special and unique. Back then, I did not fully comprehend the rapport between the students and coaches. But now, I know it's the mutual respect and trust that made the chemistry between the coaches and students so unique.

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